The South Florida Bluegrass Association is dedicated to the preservation, education, and presentation of Bluegrass and traditional old-time mountain music so that future generations can enjoy the same music as we enjoy today. Bluegrass is a deeply rooted part of our American Heritage.
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Tuesdays    Oldtime Jam  6:30pm
Boca Raton


Saturdays  Fire House       3pm
SW 39th St. and SW41st Ave.

Fern Forest Park  (Oct. - May)
2nd Sunday                        2pm

Lyons & Atlantic, Pompano

Secret Woods Nature Center
4th Sunday(Folk/Mix)       2pm

2701 State Rd. 84
Ft. Lauderdale (954)979-0442

The South Florida Bluegrass Association Reunion Band

Gene Christian, one of Bill Monroe´s Bluegrass Boys, was one of early musicians that pioneered the beginning of the South Florida Bluegrass Association. Along with Gene are, banjoist Henry Cook, an early SFBA pioneer who served on the South Florida Bluegrass Association´s Board of Directors, South Florida Bluegrass legendary fiddler/Dobroist Charley Hudson, Carroll Jackson of the oldest South Florida Bluegrass Association Band, Palms Bluegrass, and Ed Pintado, bass player for Palms Bluegrass and many other SFBA Bluegrass bands throughout the years.

Tim Capps (mandolin) grew up in this organization. His dedication and hard work have helped the SFBA survive through the past decade and has served as president several times. Bill Ballew, who asked Gene to come down, was not with this group because Rodger Bass´s wife had passed. Condolences to Rodger Bass and family.

Evan Carl, Master of Ceremonies, was a radio newscaster and personality at WQAM, and served as president for the SFBA.

The South Florida Bluegrass Association thanks all who have contributed to its rich tradition and heritage.